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About .menu domains

What is .menu?

.menu is a new domain name designed especially for the online needs of chefs, restaurants, food enthusiasts, and basically anyone who has a menu of any kind to share on the web. With the advent of .menu domain names, it is finally possible to show the world your culinary offerings on an intuitive, memorable and relevant namespace – one that actually tells your audience the content of your website before they've even seen it.

.menu helps restaurants and food purveyors around the world reach their target customers by providing a namespace dedicated to their industry – menus. It has the same meaning in over 30 languages and reflects the most important piece of information that consumers are searching for in the food and beverage industry.

Why register a .menu?

Whether you are a food blogger, restaurateur, chef, critic, caterer or passionate foodie, whether you run a diner or café, a lunch truck or pub, you will know that food captivates hearts and minds (and stomachs) like almost nothing else on earth. People spend countless hours surfing the web for menus, dining suggestions, restaurant details, reviews, offers, recipes and ingredient/dietary facts. .menu now provides a central platform on which all of this information can be stored and, more importantly, easily accessed by the hundreds of thousands of internet users performing online searches. Think of it as an online community for all activities and interests related to the focal point of food establishments – menus.

With your very own segment of the internet now readily available to you,
the only question that remains is: What's on your .menu?